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Ontyte - How does it work ?

"I love OnTyte products, they are simply the best!" - Vanessa Paschini


Whether you're an Olympic equestrian or an amateur enthusiast, OnTyte will help you improve the quality of your riding. With this system, you will never again fear losing your stirrups. Additional OnTyte benefits include:
  • Increased contact with your horse
  • Better stability and balance
  • Unparalleled confidence throughout every ride

OnTyte is accepted for Jumping and Eventing by FEI and USEF. The stirrups works only with the resole installed on your boot.

The OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup system harnesses an ideal balance of magnetic attraction between the stirrup system and OnTyte soles. Magnets are housed in the custom stirrups, and corresponding metal plates are contained in the integrated sole system.

Precise engineering delivers both strength and agility. OnTyte is strong enough to keep your stirrups on your feet, yet still allows for easy dismount or release in the event of a fall or emergency.


  • Holds the stirrup to your foot, not your foot to the stirrup.

  • was engineered to keep your stirrups on your feet without compromising your ability to dismount or release in the event of a fall or emergency.

  • delivers unexpected benefits. By ensuring proper foot placement throughout every ride, the system improves both body and leg positioning.

  • increases stability, balance and control, resulting in unparalleled confidence throughout every ride.

From novice equestrian to Olympic competitor, OnTyte can improve the quality of riding at any level.Whether Jumping, Eventing or simply riding for pleasure, OnTyte provides uncompromising stability.

Riders around the globe agree that OnTyte adds a new level of confidence and security to every ride. Contact us today, and experience the OnTyte difference for yourself.

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