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Ontyte - Products

"I love OnTyte products, they are simply the best!" - Vanessa Paschini



EquiFind Group has the lowest prices*. All prices* are in US dollars. Tax + shipping (ground) included. Installation of the resole on you Tall or paddock boots is not included.

Composite Stirrups

Description: OnTyte Magnetic Stirrups are plastic polymer stirrups that are twice the strength of other plastic stirrups, while still maintaining the look, feel and functionality of a standard stirrup.

Price : 199$*
Fillis Style Stirrups

Description: OnTytes Stainless steel Fillis Style stirrup maintain the traditional look and feel, but offer the rider so much more by including OnTyte's magnetic capabilities. Enjoy being able to ride more confident and secure without making a change to the composite stirrup..

Price : 179$*
Resole Your Existing Boots with OnTyte Soles

Description: Resole your existing paddock or tall boots with OnTyte's resole one size fit all soles.

Price : 99$*

Description: Ontyte Booties are a quick and easy way to try the Ontyte Magnetic Stirrup system. Slip them over your current boots to experience the Ontyte before purchasing the complete system.

Price : 45$*

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