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October 2010

October 28th, 2010

A front page cover for Laurence and C-Tje!

Laurence Addison and C-Tje, sold by EFG, will make the front page of the "Courrier Hippique" magazine next month!

Congratulations to Laurence Addison & C-Tje and Elizabeth Lefebvre & Indigo for their 2010 results

Two horses, sold by EFG, are in the Medals Laureate for the 2010 season. C-Tje and Laurence Addison finished 1st for the overall season in the CET Medal. Indigo and Elizabeth Lefebvre finished 3rd for the overall season in the Jump Canada Medal.

CKAC interviews Laurence Addison (owner of C-Tje sold by EFG) French version only!

Click here to hear CKAC's interview with Laurence Addison, owner of C-Tje (sold by EFG). Topics: her performances with C-Tje this summer and to come at the Royal WinterFair. As you can hear... Winners rely upon EquiFind Group!

Sneak Peek of our barn for the 2011 WEF winter seaon

Sneak peek of our barn for 2011 WEF winter season in Florida, December 2010 to April 2011.

October 22nd, 2010

Welcome Kim!

EquiFind Group is proud to welcome Mrs. Kim Vallee on its team. Kim will be taking care of EquiFind Group's horses at the 2011 WEF winter season in Florida. Gustave will be happy that Kim will give him a hand!

Eti Albator owner's testimonial

Click here to see our latest testimonial. The owner of ETI Albator shared her experience with EquiFind Group.

October 16th, 2010

Esther 138, owned by EFG, as well as C-Tje, Indigo and Sweet Be, sold by EFG,
are officially accepted at the Royal WInter Fair! Congratulations and best of luck to all of them!

Best of luck to C-Tje for the Royal Winter Fair!

C-Tje, sold by EFG, and her owner, Laurence Addison, are accepted to The Royal Winter Fair in 3 classes!

They will be performing in the CET Medal, the Jump Canada Medal and the Jr/Am Jumpers division. Best of luck!

Best of luck to Indigo for the Royal Winter Fair!

Indigo, sold by EFG, and his owner, Elizabeth Lefebvre, are accepted to The Royal Winter Fair in the Jump Canada Medal.

Best of luck!

October 13th, 2010

Best of luck to Esther 138 for the Royal Winter Fair!

It is official! The Royal Winter Fair will welcome Esther 138, during the first week of november 2010, for the 1.60m Canadian Championships. To watch her live performances log on to: www.royalfair.org. Best of luck!

Sweet Be, baby of Me-K (sold by EFG)

Sweet Be, the baby of Me-K (sold by EFG), will be at The Royal Winter Fair for the CSHA 2010 filly conformation class. Best of luck!

October 11th, 2010

EFG's new barn inauguration!

EquiFind Group is proud and excited to announce the inauguration of their new barn. EFG's headquarter should be completed before this winter. Stay tuned, more updates to come.

EFG's youtube page subcription button

EFG's youtube page is EquiFind Group's videos gold mine. EFG post videos of their latest hunters, jumpers and equitation prospects. The youtube page allows our clients and future clients to see the horses in action.

EFG's youtube page has an awesome feature named the "Subscribe" button. The feature notifies EquiFind Group's subscribers as soon as EFG uploads a new video. To subscribe, simply click on the yellow "Subscribe" button Subcribe button located at the top-left corner of EquiFind Group's youtube page.

Make sure to visit EFG's youtube page in order to benefit from this amazing decision tool.

October 3rd, 2010

ETI Albator, EFG latest lease.

EquiFind Group is proud to announce that ETI Albator is leased. Congratulations to Sarah-Jade Perusse! They sure make an awesome team. EFG wishes them both the best!

EquiFind Group's new polos

Drums roll! EquiFind Group's new polos have arrived.

October 1st 2010

Guliver, EquiFind Group latest sale.

EquiFind Group is thrilled to announce the sale of Guliver. Congratulations to Daniel Clouston for his new purchase. We wish the new team the very best of luck!

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